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From Intensive Care to Critter Care

Our core business is designing Healthcare Surfaces used by Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Health Systems worldwide.  Our love for animals moved us to engineer the most comfortable and durable pet bed on the planet.

Why we do, What we do 

​​Sure we have to feed them...constantly.     

They need to be taken out many times 

each day and they leave a trail of hair on 

pretty much everything we own.  


But they love us without condition and make us smile when the day is not going all that well.  Just moving our hand across their fur actually lowers our blood pressure. They'll gladly sleep on the floor, a towel or bag of shredded foam...just to be near us. 


They can't Surf the Net or run to the mall for a better bed. We're all they have. So for them and for you, we give our very best.


Comfor Who?...Comfortex

​​For more than 30-years, Comfortex products have been used in the care of patients around the world. It's an honor to have been chosen by some of the finest facilities and people that exist. 

Gideon,  a "Special Needs" English Bulldog ( also known as, Pork Chop") was rescued from a local shelter and now enjoys every day to the fullest. 


This stubby pile of wrinkles can launch himself from the floor onto your lap, in one joyous, explosive movement...usually without warning.

From design, fabrication and shipping, every item and every order is treated as though it is our most important. 

Snoring Dog bed is an investment you make for your pet. It is also an investment we make to ensure your satisfaction and hopefully, your recommendations to other pet owners.  

Building medical equipment has taught us that if you want to stay in business, you better do everything right.



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