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Our employees think 

they get off early on Fridays because we're really nice. Actually, it's because the owner is a fishing fanatic.



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For donation opportunities for your local Rescue Shelter, please learn more by clicking on the
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Sofa Beds or Mattresses

Because some like to curl into and some like to spread out & spill over.


Snoring Dogs...the Best Pet Bed On The Planet


* A high-end luxurious look that even the most pampered poodle will envy.


* The very supportive base provides your pet with the needed stability and joint safe support when walking on and off, or when spinning around to make their nest.


* A top layer of softer, but highly resilient foam absorbs your pet’s unique shape and weight for years of restful comfort.


* The decor complimenting outer cover is made with premium upholstery fabrics that hide hair and will survive years of use.


* The vapor-proof nylon inner cover ensures water, mud, blood and urine will never hide in your pet’s bed.


* So easy to care for.

Sofa Beds from $178 to $385


The comforting backrest most pets appreciate.


This Sofa-like design is just right for pets that like to curl into a corner, rest back against something or prop their head up onto an armrest.


Classic Mattress from $139 to $284


For those that prefer to Sprawl out & Spill over.


This classic mattress design is ideal for the side sleeping, leg extending, hanging over the edges, kinda beast.

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