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Riley's Spot

Snoring Dogs . com


The Science of Sleep...

        ...Has gone to the Dogs



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Comfortex is a company we founded more than 30-years ago to design and manufacture special mattresses and cushions that are now used in the care of patients at thousands of Medical Centers around the world.


So Why Pet Beds?


Owning the business allows us certain freedoms. Several cats left their cages at the local shelter and now roam the halls and desktops at our Winona, MN factory.


Dogs come with their owners to work each day, barking like crazy at the worst possible moments.  Although we're proud to be a state-of-the-art medical device manufacturing plant, we've also become a... Doggie Dynasty!


Working with area Pet Rescues, a request for help led us to a dog in need, that quickly became a friend indeed.  This crooked, crippled dog inspired us to take what we know best and make the finest Pet Beds in the world.  

This crooked, crippled dog did more for us than we did for her.

She inspired us... and we named her Riley.

Who's Riley ?

Each bed is crafted in the USA by the same professionals that have produced millions of advanced patient care support surfaces used in Hospitals & Nursing Homes around the world.


Engineering beds is our business, our expertise. Riley inspired us to do what we do...for them. 


Snoring Dogs incorporates our patented technology, surrounding our dual density foundation with a 100 denier, water & vapor proof nylon barrier and also a machine washable, upholstery grade outer cover. This Dual Cover System ensures that your investment won't be ruined by wetness and soils.


Both inner & outer covers provide the billowy ComfortZoneTM to allow your friend's unique shape and weight to immerse     perfectly into the bed's High Resiliency core.


Not The Most Expensive Pet Bed...

It's more than a bed.

...But It Could Be.

It's their Spot.

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