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Support your Pet...

   ...Support your Rescue.

Snoring Dogs Pet Beds is a division of Comfortex, one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of mattresses & cushions used by Hospitals around the world.  The owners and employees of Comfortex are animal lovers and are actively involved with several rescues near our Winona MN factory.


In an effort to support other Rescue Shelters throughout the US, if you purchase a Snoring Dogs pet bed and provide the Rescue Shelter’s ID number, you’ll receive a 5% discount and the Rescue will receive a contribution equal to 10% of the bed’s purchase price. If a Rescue is not in our data-base, they can just call us to sign up.



We are always thinking of ways to help our furry friends. If you have ideas, please let us know!!!

Some participating Rescues:


Bob's House for Dogs

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